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Thanks for your interest in Code Oregon – We’re currently working on an upgraded Code Oregon 2.0! We’re expanding the training options, building new partnerships and enhancing connections to jobs in the field. Please click here to read a message about the sun-setting of Code Oregon 1.0 and more about the eventual launch of Code Oregon 2.0. While you’re waiting for further information about what 2.0 will look like, follow this link for access to a Resource Guide with information and links that can support your coding pathway.

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What is
Code Oregon 2.0?

Code Oregon 2.0 is a comprehensive program dedicated to teaching Oregonians how to code and find rewarding careers in software development and technology. Through a variety of training options, our goal is to build a technology talent pipeline to support Oregon’s growing Technology sector.


WHY Code Oregon Matters

  • There’s a demand for tech talent. Currently, there are over 2,400+ technology job openings in the Portland Metro area alone.
  • Employer demand for tech talent will only grow. By 2020, there will be one million more computer programming jobs in the U.S. then there are people to fill them. Of those software jobs, 10,000 will be right here in Oregon.
  • It pays (well!) to code. Computing jobs are growing at twice the national average and pay 75% more than the national median annual salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median annual wage for computer programming was $72,428 in 2012. The best-paid 10% in the field made approximately $117,890 while the bottom 10% made approximately $42,850.
  • Accelerated training for high-demand jobs. Code Oregon 2.0 can help some motivated students get ready for in-demand jobs in a matter of months, offering a fast track to high-paying jobs.

How It Works

Code Oregon 2.0 is a partnership between the Oregon Local Workforce Development Boards, WorkSource Oregon and a number of leading online and local education providers.

Our goal is to create new designers and developers to fill the huge number of current and projected software and IT jobs. Quality free and low-cost online and local training options that teach high-demand skills such as iOS, Android, HTML, Java Script, Ruby and more are available through Code Oregon 2.0. Tuition support, career preparation services, mentoring, and job placement are available to students enrolled in Code Oregon 2.0 via WorkSource Oregon.